Peter Petty

There are no small rooms...

Is everybody ready to meet Mr. Petty?

Peter Petty, he's a laugher!.jpg

Peter Petty is a Sacramento, CA based band leader that tests (and coins) the adage “There are no small rooms.” Known as Da Man wit' da Flop and charged with the singular mission of reinterpreting music that scintillates, syncopates, (and sometimes even educates), Mr. Petty swings out with the frenetic elegance of a Tasmanian devil in a tuxedo, leading some of the finest stewards of traditional jazz in the Sacramento area in the jumpin'est, jivin'ist, great-gosh-alive-inist Swing experience available today!  The incomparable jazz tumult that is Peter Petty is goin' be mad-muggin' you upside your head, and rattlin' your bones back down the other side, as you tear it up to the most sinfully scintillated splendiferosity you EVER hoped to syncopate.  He piggybacks on the colossal, still-reverberating shoulders of such giants of the genre as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Mildred Bailey, Cab Calloway and Joe Williams. Then he leaps over to stomp on, and ride the coat-tails of undisputable legends like Ray Charles, Louis Prima, Roy Orbison, Shirley Bassey, Tom Waits, and David Bowie, singing every note of his 3 2/3 octave range with inexhaustible power and captivating control. Throwing out novelized lyrics, and  a steadily growing repetoire of original tunes, it’s an infectious, eclectic, electric, acoustic mash-up that not only connects the dots between seemingly disparate musical genres, and artists, but does it with an originally adventurous and unpredictably hilarious theatricality that entertains the “swell” out of audiences of all ages. 

Peter Petty is the 2018 recipient of the Sacramento Area Music Award in the category of "Best Live Performer." He  has worked with The Capital City Stage, Music Circus, done voice work for the State of California, starred in a series of industrial training films for Tower Records and in the independent GIG Ventures feature film, Jump-Cut. Mr. Petty has recorded with Elektra recording artists Papa’s Culture and Columbia Records’ Cake, and was one of the founding members of the Valdo Herby tribute band, “Swing This!” Peter sang with the Sacramento Opera through 8 seasons, was the vocalist and emcee of the Harley White Jr. Orchestra, and performs for the Sacramento French Film Festival. You can currently see him as a member of the nationally touring Rat Pack Tribute band The Deanoholics, and as the singing, swinging leader of his own 12 piece orchestra, Peter Petty and his Titans of Terpsichore!, and 7 piece genre -bending Peter Petty & his Double P Revue!, as well as his classic Country-Western ensemble Ol' Pete Petty & his Dubble P Boys!  He lives in Sacramento, CA with his wife of 26 years (that's not her age, by the way), and one hermit crab. His whole life has been leading up to this moment.